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«Seit einem Jahrzehnt und nach einer Serie sehr erfolgreicher Alben bei Bee Jazz

hat sich Guillaume de Chassy eine herausragende Position in der französischen Jazzszene

geschaffen: die eines Pianisten mit glasklarem Spiel und hoher Popularität, der das musikalische Erbe durchkämmt, immer auf der Suche nach Standards, die er mit Leidenschaft neu interpretiert.»


Antoine Carlier, Film Director (France)

Music is core to Antoine Carlier's productions. He has a passion for jazz, pop, rock music and many other music types and collaborates with musicians from various styles. Producing clips has been an opportunity for him to perfect his trade with artists like Vanessa Paradis, Etienne Daho, Salif Keita, Day-one, Rokia Traoré, I love Ufo. He then worked on more personal projects, from staged performances - for example the interactive duo with the pianist Guillaume de Chassy, a show called SHIFT - to the production of short films (remixed Jazz in Paris that Universal Jazz produced in DVD and that won the jury prize at the Short Movies festival in Los Angeles). His "surrealist" approach and his dreamlike vision of images sometimes lead him towards the world of fashion and contemporary art (for instance his collaboration with Chanel, production of Virtual Design).


Guillaume de Chassy Pianist, improviser & composer (France)

The pianist Guillaume de Chassy has created a very unique musical identity, that escapes classifications. Former chemical engineer who grew up listening to Schubert and Louis Armstrong, de Chassy is a self taught improviser, immersed in both Thelonious Monk and Serge Prokofiev’s music and equally smitten with Charles Trenet's and Cole Porter’s songs. He plays with sobriety and intensity, pays close attention to the melody and the refinement of his harmonies reflects his poetic and sensitive qualities.

He has played or recorded with: Paul Motian, Mark Murphy, Gian Luigi Trovesi, Rick Margitza, Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu and many others.

Musician beyond borders, he collaborates with choir director Joel Suhubiette (for whom he wrote a Jazz Cantata), with the classical music pianist Brigitte Engerer, the filmmaker Antoine Carlier (for the interactive duet SHIFT) or with flamenco dancer Ana Yerno.

Guillaume de Chassy performs all over France, Spain, Quebec, USA and Asia.

He is a recording artist for Beejazz Records (France).

His CD’s are always eagerly expected and warmly welcomed by the media.Guillaume de Chassy holds a teaching degree in jazz and is a sought after professor.

He manages the Jazz department of the town of Tours National School of Music.